Writing Samples

This section includes some of my recent writing samples and focuses mainly on business plan writing. Due to the nature of my work at EXL Landa most of it is bound by non-disclosure agreements, this includes software specification writing and a lot of HTML prototypes that I had built. My former supervisor is available for further references upon request.

Magazine Articles

Videomaker Magazine: Event and Concert Audio

Recording audio in any setting is a task that can be easily overlooked or over-complicated. This article will provide a feasible and sane middle ground by illustrating three common usage cases with their specified resources and approaches explained in the second half of the article.

It is published in the May 2015 issue and is available online here.

Videomaker Magazine: How To Avoid or Fix Reverb

This article will delve into what reverb is and isn’t and the best ways of mitigating and harnessing its effects in a recording.

It is published in the July 2015 issue and is available online here.

Videomaker Magazine: Audio/Video Recorders Buyer’s Guide

This guide is aimed at users looking to purchase enthusiast, prosumer and professional level recording equipment for high-end audio and video applications. This article addresses the needs of producers that need robust storage solutions that extend beyond flash media.

It is published in the August 2015 issue and is available online here.

Videomaker Magazine: Know Your Audio Signal Processing Techniques

Sifting through the large amount of plugins in today’s audio software can prove tricky, especially to new users. This article provides a cursory glance at the different kinds of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) available in today’s Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

It is available online here.

Videomaker Magazine: The Difference Between Mixing and Mastering

Mastering is the next step after a project has been mixed. This is where the final tracks are prepared for manufacture and distribution. We will demystify the process in addition to cementing its necessity and importance in the production workflow..

It is available online here.

Business Plans

Energy Plant Business Plan

I took the initiative in writing the original structure of this business plan before submitting it to the Board of Directors for group editing and approval. I can claim around 90% authorship of this document. This version of the business plan is current as of April 2014.

EP Business Plan

ReTune Business Plan

This was written for my Media Economics class at CSU Chico in Spring 2011. This was a group project with the stated goal of creating a fictional company, writing a business plan, and presenting it in order to attract startup capital. I can claim authorship of 90% of the document.

Retune Business Plan
ReTune Presentation