Skill Set

Computer Skills

  • Windows and Mac OS X
  • Web design: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, .NET, WordPress, PHP, XAMPP
  • Video editing: Adobe Premiere
  • Graphics and UI design: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Axure Pro
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Powerpoint, Excel
  • IT: computer diagnostics, repairs, custom builds, small network installation
  • Digital Audio Workstations: Logic Pro, Cubase

Skills and Strengths

  • Studio Recording, Live Sound, Digital
  • Studio design, control room setup, construction, and soldering
  • Writing skills: artist packets, brochures, business plans, flyers, logos, technical writing, social networking
  • Working independently and in teams
  • Sales, customer service, public speaking, and interpersonal skills
  • Quick learner, problem solving, and research
  • Entrepreneurial and freelance business
  • Multilingual: English, Bulgarian, and Arabic