Furlough Fridays: Let Me In EP


The album’s principal drum recording was done on 27th and 28th of July at Energy Plant in Chico, California. Nick Lemos was the supervising recording engineer. Subsequent overdubs and re-amping sessions happened over the course of the next six months. I was originally the intended project engineer, but due to last minute move to England we had to change engineers at the last minute.

The initial recording sessions were done as live tracking sessions in order to capture the band’s natural sound and feel. There was a definite time crunch since this would be the last album for then current drummer Sam Casale, who would be moving to Sweden to study abroad. This meant that the drum and basic guitar tracks had to be recorded within two days.

Mixing for an EP

In February 2014 we decided to go ahead and mix four songs for an EP release. They wanted a Grungy sound and felt that I could deliver it. The experience proved to be a good time to start developing the foundation for the band’s signature sound, something that was further developed during the album mixing stage. The goal at this point was start sifting through the current recordings, editing and cleaning them up, and putting together the foundational mixes for the EP.

For now the EP is done and the band had something to take on tour and build up interest in the October’s album release.

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